Mitez Car With Lee PulmanThe Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone (MITEZ) is the peak regional development organisation for an area encompassing seven local government areas – Mount Isa, Cloncurry, McKinlay, Richmond, Flinders, Charters Towers and Townsville.

Covering a total land area of 271,732 square kilometres, the region is home to over 216,700 persons and is a vital transport corridor connecting the rest of Queensland, Australia and the world via road, rail, air and sea.

Management Committee

  • President- David Glasson
  • Vice President- Cr Joyce McCulloch, Mount Isa City Council
  • Mid West Shires- Cr Jane McNamara, Flinders Shire Council
  • Secretary- Connie Navarro, Emanate Legal
  • Treasurer- Daniel Horrobin, QCCU
  • Mount Isa City Council- Cr Joyce McCulloch, Mount Isa City Council
  • Townsville City Council- Cr Margie Ryder, Townsville City Council
  • Industry/Mining- Scott Bowman, Incitec Pivot Ltd.
  • Government Owned Corporations- David Sibley, Port of Townsville Ltd.

Regional Snapshot

The Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone (MITEZ) is the peak regional development organisation for an area encompassing seven local government associations – Mount Isa, Cloncurry, McKinlay, Richmond, Flinders, Charters Towers and Townsville.

The MITEZ region extends 920 kilometres inland from its most eastern point on the Great Barrier Reef, across North Queensland over the Great Dividing Range and across the outback of North West Queensland to the Northern Territory border. In total, the region covers approximately 16% of Queensland’s land area.

The MITEZ region is home to approximately 235,933 local residents. Strategically located, the region acts as a vital integrated transport corridor; connecting the region and its extensive mineral and agricultural production to the rest of Queensland, Australia and internationally via road, rail, air and sea links.

Over 2014-15 the MITEZ region generated Gross Regional Product (GRP) totalling $16.1 billion (5.3% of the Queensland economy). Over 2014-15 the region recorded negative growth of -1.7% due to difficult economic conditions across the region.

MITEZ is committed to continuing the diversification of new industries, alongside the expansion of new markets and the promotion of existing investment opportunities.

This commitment will help to accelerate the growth of the region and ensure its continued prosperity well into the future.


MITEZ Inc was incorporated in 1994 in response to Federal and Queensland Government schemes to form regional grouping throughout Australia of regions with common economic and social objectives and an interdependency on each other, both commercially and administratively.

At the time, there was an opportunity to formalise the long standing cooperation between Mount Isa and Townsville, particularly between MIM and Townsville Port.

There also existed a number of development projects involving international scale mining operations with supporting infrastructure.

The WMC project at Phosphate Hill (Duchess) required natural gas as a feedstock for their fertiliser plant. The building of the Ballera to Mount Isa gas pipeline not only provided this feedstock, but also provided the energy base for the conversion of Mica Creek coal-fired power station to gas, with both environmental and cost improvements. The WMC need for sulphuric acid also provided an incentive for MIM to develop an acid extraction plant associated with their smelting operations.

At the Townsville end, the development of the Sun Metals Zinc Refinery also had significant synergy with Mount Isa. The zinc concentrate for Sun Metals plant was largely sourced from Mount Isa and with Sun Metals producing some 200,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid which could be backloaded to Mount Isa and WMC.

Other major developments were the Ernest Henry Mine, BHP Billiton Cannington and the spin-off to the MITEZ region of the $1 billion Century Mine.

To match the needs of these developments, utilities such as Ergon and Queensland Rail expended significant sums on power provision and service expansion, and QR invested in major rail upgrades to increase the line carrying capacity. Similar service upgrades have been introduced by Telstra.

In total, investment in the region for the 1994-2000 period was estimated to have exceeded $5 billion.

More Information

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