Become a Member

MITEZ’s strength comes from having a strong and committed membership that enables organisations such as local governments, corporate stakeholders and business leaders the opportunity to work together to develop strategies to grow our region’s economy.

Membership  Categories

Local Government Membership

A MITEZ Local Government Membership is an opportunity for Councils and Shires to invest in their region’s sustainable future supported by the Queensland Government.

Corporate & Supporter Membership

MITEZ values the support of its Corporate Members and Supporters. This support represents an investment into the common short and long term goals of the region as well as the Councils and Shires along the Mount Isa to Townsville Corridor.

By participating in MITEZ, Corporate Members and  Supporters  have  the  opportunity  to  provide input and feedback toward strategic regional planning and present collective strength and unity.

These contributions are essential for supporting the operations and administration of regional development organisations such as MITEZ.

Organisational Membership

Organisational Membership is suitable for organisations looking to help facilitate the growth of our region’s economy by investing in MITEZ.

As a member, organisations will be given the opportunity to provide their input and feedback into regional development initiatives.


To become a Member of MITEZ, all organisations must be nominated and seconded to by another MITEZ member. Prospective members’ applications are then presented to the Executive Committee for approval.

Download the 2020-21 MITEZ Membership Prospectus (PDF).