Our Region

Hughenden The MITEZ Region consists of the seven Local Government Areas (LGAs) – Townsville, Charters Towers, Flinders, Richmond, McKinlay, Cloncurry and Mount Isa. The region extends from the Great Barrier Reef, over the Great Dividing Range, through the serene historical outback to the Queensland-Northern Territory border, covering a total land area of 271,732 square kilometres.


As of June 30, 2013 the MITEZ region hosted a resident population of 231,679 persons with an average age of 34.7 years. Over the past five years population growth has averaged 2.1% per annum, with growth concentrated in the Townsville and McKinlay LGAs.

Table 2.1: Population and Average Age

Local Government Area Resident Population(June 2013) Five Year Average Annual Population Growth(2008 – 2013) Average Age (2013)
Townsville 189,238 2.3% 34.7
Mount Isa 22,779 1.3% 32.0
Charters Towers 12,491 0.6% 37.9
Cloncurry 3,413 0.6% 34.4
Flinders 1,828 -0.1% 40.9
McKinlay 1,085 1.8% 35.8
Richmond 845 -1.1% 38.2
MITEZ Total 231,679 2.1% 34.7

Sources: ABS (2014a) Cat No. 3218.0, ABS (2014b) Cat No. 3235.0

The Townsville LGA is the major population centre for the region with 81.7% of residents, followed by:

  • Mount Isa (9.8% of MITEZ population).
  • Charters Towers (5.4%).
  • Cloncurry (1.5%).
  • Flinders (0.8%).
  • McKinlay (0.5%).
  • Richmond (0.4%).

The LGAs of Townsville, Mount Isa, Cloncurry and McKinlay possess younger average ages than the Queensland average of 37 years.  By contrast, Charters Towers and the agricultural centres of Flinders and Richmond possess notably higher average ages than Queensland as a whole.

The Region

The MITEZ region extends 920 kilometres inland from its most eastern point on the Great Barrier Reef, across North Queensland over the Great Dividing Range and across the outback of North West Queensland to the Northern Territory border. In total, the region covers approximately 16% of Queensland’s land area.

The MITEZ region is home to approximately 232,000 local residents. Strategically located, the region acts as a vital integrated transport corridor; connecting the region and its extensive mineral and agricultural production to the rest of Queensland, Australia and internationally via road, rail, air and sea links.

Over the past 10 years, the region’s resource-rich economy has diversified in a number of new sectors and continued its growth in established industry sectors.  The region accounted for around 7% of Queensland’s economic output over 2012-13.

Over 2012-13 the MITEZ region generated Gross Regional Product (GRP) totalling $19.5 billion (6.7% of the Queensland economy).  Over 2012-13 the region recorded strong growth of 11.6%.

Over the past five years GRP growth has averaged 1.4% per annum compared to 2.5% per annum for Queensland as a whole.

The major industry sectors in the MITEZ region include:

  • Mining 37.2% of Industry Value Added (IVA, i.e. contribution to GRP).
  • Public administration and safety (9.2%).
  • Construction (7.3%).
  • Health care and social assistance (5.9%).
  • Transport, postal and warehousing (4.4%).


The MITEZ Region enjoys a warm, sunny climate with moderate seasonal changes in climatic conditions. The climate is very dry for eight months of the year with average temperatures in the mid to high 20s Celsius. The region experiences on average 320 days of sunshine each year with more than eight hours of sunshine each day, making conditions favourable to an outdoor lifestyle.