Flinders Shire

Map FlindersThe Flinders Shire covers an area of 41,632 square kilometres in the heart of North West Queensland.

With Hughenden the main business centre for the Shire the smaller communities of Prairie, Torrens Creek and Stamford are also included within its footprint.

Hughenden, the epicentre of the Shire is located on the crossroad of the Flinders Highway and the inland Hann Highway, linking Cairns to Melbourne. Just 383 kilometres west of Townsville and 1,566 kilometres north west of Brisbane Hughenden is a hub for many tourists and travellers, accessible by regular rail, bus and air transport links.

The Flinders Shire is predominantly a grazing area, with emerging irrigation pockets. The major industry for the Shire is irrigated agriculture and beef cattle production with the Shire harnessing over 100 rural grazing properties and a gross value of agricultural production of $73.5m.

Future planning and developments for the Flinders Shire centre around the energy, resource and agriculture sectors.  With one of the largest coal basins in the world (the 16,500 square kilometre Galilee Basin) running directly through the Flinders Shire region several companies are currently investigating new coal projects throughout the region.

Steps are also currently underway to develop the large irrigated agricultural precinct known as the Flinders River Ag Precinct (FRAP); capturing water from the artesian basin and the Flinders River.  Including the development of sustainable irrigated agriculture in an area of land along the Flinders River between Hughenden and Julia Creek, the project boasts some of the best farming soil in Queensland, access to a reliable water source, affordable land and low development costs.

An opportunity has further been identified for an abattoir facility in the Flinders region, with a report issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry identifying Hughenden to have the largest potential cattle supply of locations along the tick line; teamed with accessible and affordable land, water and power, reasonable population and public services, local producer support, access to a good labour force and with five roads feeding in to the town.

The attractive township of Hughenden, has well established businesses and services, a number of schools, affordable housing and most of the facilities expected by families looking for a comfortable country lifestyle.

Flinders Shire Council

PO Box 274, Hughenden Queensland 4821
P (07) 4741 2900   W www.flinders.qld.gov.au

Flinders Shire