McKinlay Shire

Map McKinlayMcKinlay Shire is the gateway to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The Shire spans some 41,000 square kilometres and embraces the townships of Julia Creek and Nelia on the Flinders Highway and McKinlay and Kynuna on the Matilda Highway. Julia Creek is the main township and is located approximately 650 kilometres west of Townsville and 225 kilometres east of Mount Isa.

A rural and regional Shire, McKinlay is home to a population of 1,000 and a productive and innovative pastoral industry, the world’s richest single mine producer of silver, lead and zinc South32 Cannington Mine as well as the Eloise Copper Mine.

The world’s largest natural aquifer, the Great Artesian Basin, underpins and supports the community and the diversity of the rich grazing lands and unique animal life that the Shire has to offer.

McKinlay Shire has a proud history, industry and is a close family community. A well connected and strong community, McKinlay Shire supports a growing population to meet the key thresholds for social, health, education and commercial services, underpinned by a sustainable, diversified rural economy. The community welcomes new industries that contribute to its overall vision and sustainability.

Opportunities for future development exist in irrigated agriculture, fodder production, feedlots and exploiting the Shire’s significant shale oil deposits. With one of Queensland’s great icon events, the Dirt and Dust Festival, being held annually at Julia Creek, tourism is fast becoming a major industry in the Shire.

Events in the Shire are driven by the spirit and passion of local communities and contribute to the social calendar of events in Queensland’s Outback.

McKinlay Shire Council

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