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Map Mount IsaThe city of Mount Isa is one of the more remote local government areas in Queensland. It lies in the heart of the North West Mineral Province, one of the world’s richest mineral resources; adjoining the border of the Northern Territory.

Mount Isa is located approximately 1,826 kilometres from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and 883 kilometres from the nearest major city and port of Townsville. Covering an area of over 43,310 square kilometres (including the township of Camooweal), Mount Isa is the second largest city (geographically) in Australia to Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Shaped by its remote, rural location and rich mineral bounty, Mount Isa harnesses a long standing mining heritage. Celebrating its 90th year in 2013, a feat unique among mining towns nationwide, Mount Isa has grown from Australia’s first ‘company town’ into one of the largest and most important industrial powerhouses in the nation and is the capital of the world-class Carpentaria Minerals Province.

Demonstrating a strong sense of identity and community, with a population of approximately 23,000 and a diverse, multicultural population of over fifty nationalities, Mount Isa is the administrative, commercial, and industrial centre of North West Queensland and centre for health, public administration and community services.

Industry in the city is based around Glenore’s Mount Isa Mines, one of the world’s top ten producers of lead, copper, silver and zinc and one of the top two largest copper mining and smelter operations in the country.

Cattle grazing and tourism are other major industries of note, with the region producing some of the country’s best beef. Other major components of the Mount Isa economy include mineral processing, tourism and agriculture. The overall population growth and economic advancement of this unique community is additionally supported by smaller mining companies, a diverse service network, transport operations, retail industries, electricity, gas, water and waste services; and education and training.

Future opportunities include a number of new mines including uranium, phosphate and rare earth elements that will be mined, processed and transported to markets from Mount Isa. With an abundance of mineral resources, electricity generation and water supplies as well as a gas pipeline to the city, there is tremendous capacity for industries to grow and provide a secure future for the city.

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